Babies in the grass next to a corn field

Free from Harsh Ingredients

No lotions, parabens, fragrance, latex, chlorine bleaching

Free from EU 26 Allergens

Breathable Outer Cover

The outer cover is not just super-soft, it's breathable and allows air to pass through, helping to keep baby's sensitive skin dry and healthy.

Wetness Indicator

The color changing wetness indicator let's you know when it is time for a change!

High Performance Core

The absorbent core offers superior leakage protection, great for day or night!

The quilted embossing helps to channel wetness away from the center, distributing wetness evenly.

The Cotton Enhanced Dryness layer uses natural cotton to absorb quickly and help keep your little one dry!

Ultra-Soft™ Liner

The hypoallergenic ultra-soft liner is clinically proven gentle on your baby's skin.

FitGrip™ Strips

Unique FitGrip strips work to hold the diaper in place on your active baby! FitGrip also helps to combat sagging and the innovative design doesn't scratch skin or snag on clothing.



than Pampers® Swaddlers*

up to 10x DRIER
than Huggies® Little Movers*



*based on size 4 independent lab testing
SFI Certifiably-sourced fluff (elemental chlorine free), non-toxic superabsorbent polymer (sodium polyacrylate), chlorine free cotton-enhanced nonwoven dryness layer, polypropylene nonwoven fabrics, non-latex elastics (stretch sides, waist, legs), fastening system, breathable moisture barrier, safe adhesives, inks (made without lead & heavy metals).